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                   Artistree Landscape Maintenance & Design               Pacific Western Bank HOA Services

                        Association Reserves Florida, LLC                             Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration

                        Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh Jardine PC                 Parking Lot Services

                        Cadence Bank                                                                Paul Davis of Sarasota and Charlotte

                        Colonial Roofing                                                            Pestguard Commercial Services                      

                           Concrete Painting & Restoration, LLC                         Pipe Restoration Solutions (PRS)

                        Doody Calls                                                                    Russell Landscape Groups

                            Expert Water Removal                                                  Seacoast Bank

                            Florida Elevator                                                               Tannenbaum Lemole & Hill

                            Florida Paints                                                                 Truist Association Services

                        Mullet's Aluminum Products, Inc.                                 WDC Suncoast 

                        Najmy Thompson, P.L.                                                




                                AllStar Backgrounds                                  Lutz, Bobo & Telfair, P.A.                        

                            Angius & Terry, LLP                                    McGriff Insurance Services

                               Becker                                                            Peacock Painting Services

                            Cavanaugh & Co., LLP                                RealManage

                            Condo CPA                                                   Reserve Advisors, Inc.                  

                            Delta Engineering & Inspection, Inc.         Roof Assessment Specialists, Inc.

                            Frontier Lighting, Inc.                                  Rose Paving LLC

                            GetQuorum                                                   Rosenthal Brothers - BKS Partners

                            Gulfshore Insurance, Inc.                            SERVPRO

                            Juniper Landscaping                                   Staebler Appraisals & Consulting

                                    Karins Engineering Group                          Yellowstone Landscape