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                           Acentria Insurance                                                         OnPoint HOA Financial

                   Artistree Landscape Maintenance & Design               Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration

                        Association Legal Services                                          Paul Davis of Sarasota and Charlotte

                           Avery Roof Services                                                      Pestguard Commercial Services

                           Becker                                                                             Pipe Restoration Solutions (PRS)

                        Brightview Landscape Services                                   Red Door Painting, LLC

                        Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh Jardine PC                 Russell Landscape Groups

                        Doody Calls                                                                    Seacoast Bank

                        Expert Water Removal                                                   Smart Street Powered by Banc of Cal                         

                            First Priority Restoration                                              Strong Roofing

                         Juniper Landscaping                                                    Tannenbaum Lemole & Hill           

                            Mullet's Aluminum Products, Inc.                                USI Insurance Services

                            Najmy Thompson, P.L.                                                     





                      Acrisure, LLC                                                              McGriff Insurance Services

                    AllStar Backgrounds                                                  Paver Mac       

                    AMI-Advanced Management, Inc. AAMC                 Pinnacle Security Access Solutions               

                      Cavanaugh & Co., LLP                                                RealManage       

                    Concrete Painting & Restoration, LLC                     Reserve Advisors, Inc.                 

                    Condo CPA                                                                  Rose Paving LLC

                    Five Star Claims Adjusting                                        SERVPRO

                    Florida Paints                                                              Staebler Appraisals & Consulting

                    GetQuorum                                                                  Sunwest Bank

                    Gorilla Kleen, LLC                                                       Yellowstone Landscape

                    Karins Engineering Group                                        

                    Lutz, Bobo & Telfair, P.A.